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Your Best Body at BiroVenus Medical Spa

The Destination for Medically Supervised Weight Management in NJ

You deserve the healthiest, best-looking body possible. BiroVenus Medical Spa offers treatments for weight management in NJ at our Red Bank office, this includes the Gluten Free Diet, High Protein Diet, Detoxification Diet and The HCG Diet. These medically supervised programs can help you realize long-term results while nourishing your body for optimal health.

Dr. Abir Marcus understands that a weight management program is only good if you are comfortable with it. She offers a variety of programs to assist men and women in losing and/or maintaining weight.

Effective, Easy Weight Loss for Lasting Results

At BiroVenus Medical Spa, Doctor Abir Marcus offers and supervises multiple weight management programs: A high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate program complemented by the use of natural supplements, appetite suppressants and B12 injections boost the metabolic rate, burn fat and spares the muscle mass. It is a very easy program to follow without feeling hungry or depriving yourself.

HCG Diet Program: Through the use of prescrition hcg (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) given in the form of Lozenges or injections, in conjunction with a structured low calorie diet, your body will start using its own stored fat contents as a source of energy. The hcg diet Program is a three to six weeks active phase program and you will lose half to one pound a day. HCG Diet is known to help you lose the fat from the stomach, thighs, love handles, double chin without losing volume from the face and looking unhealthy.

With any of our weight loss programs, Dr. Marcus will work with you, modify the program, add supplements, appetite suppressants or B12 injections to help you achieve your goal without compromizing your health.

The doctor will order appropriate blood laboratory screenings and body composition profiles, as well as possible electrocardiograms. The guidelines of The American Society of Bariatric Physicians are utilized to ensure proper and safe management standards.

Our goal at BiroVenus Medical Spa is to help you modify your life style and maintain your weight loss results for a healthy you.

Schedule your visit today and take advantage of our current specials at this NJ medical spa located in the heart of Monmouth County. Contact us at (732) 530-3222.

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