NJ medical spa treatments

Male patient receiving a face filler injection

NJ Medical Spa Treatments A Step Above the Rest

Be BiroVenus Beautiful

Look younger and feel your best with NJ medical spa treatments from BiroVenus Medical Spa. During your initial consultation, Dr. Abir Marcus will devote time and attention to your complete health and wellness. Tapping into her background in medicine and psychology, Dr. Marcus will listen to your concerns and work alongside you to create a customized treatment. You can count on a rejuvenating, relaxing treatment that will invigorate you from the inside out, while addressing your concerns.

Whether you hope to enjoy a soothing facial, laser treatment, weight management or hormone evaluation, you will be in the caring hands of a trusted doctor and staff that will cater to your every need. From our tranquil atmosphere to our attentive staff, we work hard to ensure you enjoy complete relaxation during your visit, while the benefits of your treatment last long after you leave.

Learn more about all of the treatments available at our medical spa in Red Bank, NJ.

Ultherapy® in NJ

A face and neck lift without surgery? Now it’s possible.

Fillers and Injectables in NJ

Restore volume, reduce lines, or smooth out wrinkles.

Laser and Light in NJ

Put technology to work to eliminate red or brown spots, reduce redness, and reveal smooth, firm skin.

Facials and Peels in NJ

Rejuvenate your skin with an array of facials and peels customized to your skin.
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