VelaShape in NJ

Slimming and cellulite treatment at clinic

Your Medical Spa Destination for VelaShape in NJ

Body Contouring and Cellulite Treatment in Monmouth County

Shrink fat layers, circumference and the appearance of cellulite. VelaShape is a non-surgical, virtually painless treatment that can smooth your skin so it looks its best.

VelaShape is a relatively new treatment that combines bi-polar radiofrequency with infrared light energy, vacuum and mechanical massage in elos technology. It smooths out the skin with a vacuum and rollers and reduces the size of fat cells via heat. In some cases, clients see their thighs reduced by over 7 cm. Treating both the upper layers and deeper layers of skin tissue at the same time, VelaShape will change the way you look and feel from the inside out!

The Look You Deserve—VelaShape in NJ At BiroVenus Medical Spa

VelaShape body contouring or Cellulite treatment requires no downtime or causes any limitations—you’re free to continue on with your schedule. Typically, clients see definitive results in as few as four treatment sessions.

Do something great for yourself, even if it’s not beach season! Dr. Abir Marcus provides a detailed consultation to evaluate your needs, then can help you determine which treatments will suit you best. Our lavish spa brings you all of the luxuries at other spas along with medical-grade treatments administered by a board-certified doctor—it doesn’t get better than this!

Schedule your visit today, view our before and after photos and be sure to view current specials at this NJ medical spa located in the heart of Monmouth County. Contact us at (732) 530-3222.

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