NJ Medical Spa Resources

See the Latest in Medical Spa Treatments, Research, and More

The medical spa industry is constantly growing, with new research, treatments, and regulations being announced each and every year. Those who work within the NJ medical spa setting undergo extensive schooling and executive-level training and must adhere to strict state regulation and laws. Whether you’re looking for insight into the research behind the medical spa industry, information about accreditation and regulations, or simply want to learn more about the medical spa community, we encourage you to take a look at the provided resources.

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American Medical Spa Association

The American Med Spa Association is an excellent resource for those in the medical spa industry. It was created to provide comprehensive, relevant, and accurate information and resources for those who need it!

Day Spa Association

The Day Spa Association and the International Medical Spa Association offers support to spas, salons, massage therapists and more throughout the United States and around the world. Join the Association, discover new products, learn about important players in the industry, read about how insurance plays a role in spa care, and get important information about the business side of running a spa