LipoDissolve / Mesotherapy in NJ

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Body Contouring: LipoDissolve and Mesotherapy in NJ

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Even when you work hard to keep your body in top shape, it can still retain stubborn fat that will not go away—even with the most rigorous diet and exercise program. BiroVenus Medical Spa is pleased to offer LipoDissolve™ and mesotherapy in NJ at our office in Red Bank.

Obtain the results you’ve been waiting for with LipoDissolve™ and mesotherapy. These treatments are ideal for fat deposits on the body including arms, belly, love handles, thighs and chin. Dr. Abir Marcus offers several options to dissolve fat at our luxury spa.

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LipoDissolve™ and mesotherapy involve injecting ingredients into the skin’s mesoderm, or middle layer, that can destroy fat cells. LipoDissolve™ and mesotherapy are different because of the solutions used. Most people require one to three sessions of each treatment, and lose an inch of fat with each session. Results vary, of course. These treatments are safe and effective with virtually no downtime, so you can maintain a toned physique in little time.

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